HRV no longer offers residential solar installations. If you are interested in adding solar to your home we suggest using an approved SEANZ professional.

If you purchased a residential solar system from HRV Solar and would like to speak with someone about service you can get in touch on 0800 HRV 123 or at

Building a new home?

It's the perfect time to consider solar power

Build solar power right into your 21st century ready home

Setting your home up with solar is the ideal way to create a more sustainable, modern home. So if you're building a new home, it's a great time to think about solar power. We can work with you to incorporate solar panels into the design. If you’ve already got your plans, upload them here and one of our expert team will be in touch to walk you through the process.

Why now is the best time to go solar:

Easier installation

It’s much easier to install solar on a new build than to retrofit onto an existing home. The pre-wiring can all be done before your walls are lined and panels can be fitted with your roof.

You could integrate the cost into your mortgage

If you are building a brand new home, installing solar could be a small portion of your overall budget and build cost. So you may have the option to integrate the cost into your mortgage.


HRV Solar’s aesthetically pleasing solar panels will complement most roofs, especially the typically darker roofs of new build homes.

Talk to us
We’ll come to you and talk you through what’s involved and what you might expect to get out of an HRV Solar installation. If you choose to go ahead, we’ll work with your builder to ensure a smooth, hassle free installation

Why our customers choose us:


We have a strong team of experienced solar specialists and installers. We’re also wholly owned by Vector - one of NZ’s largest lines companies.


We use only quality products in our installations and take the utmost care and consideration to ensure the end result is to the highest standard every time.


Having a reliable team means we turn up when we say we will, so you and your builder won’t be delayed in your new build.


HRV has been around for 15 years and we’ll continue to be around to service and support your solar investment into the future.

HRV Solar panels won't ruin the look or integrity of your new roof.

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